Materials are re-cycled. The Environmental Control Plan we supply you with the place where the materials are to be sent. Asbestos obviously, is deliberately removed and transported securely to an approved EPA.

We can demolish pretty much any private or business structure from a garden shed to a manufacturing plant.

Indeed. Home Demolition Sydney has expertise in the partial demolition of private and business structures. This kind of work requires skilled demolishers to guarantee the basic goodness of the building.

Home Demolition Sydney deals in the stated zones:

  • Detailed residential or commercial demolition;
  • Commercial strip outs or refurbishments;
  • Bonded asbestos removal;
  • Detailed excavation

Indeed, you will require a Demolition Approval from a Private Certifier or your neighbourhood Council to wreck any structure or property. You have the choice of experiencing a private certifier.

It will take 21 days, for the endorsement and 7 days for the notice procedure.

Definitely, Local Councils and WorkCover are enthusiastically implementing Environmental Protection and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. A few Councils and even Builders are presently requesting Hygienist Reports or Clearance Certificates to ensure no perilous materials are on the site.

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